Udupi Krishna Mutt

About temple

Sri Krishna Mutt of Udupi is one of the historical pilgrimage Centre of Karnataka. The temple was founded by Sri Madhwacharya, a popular religious reformer of India.He preached Dwaita philosophy when the caste system was stubbornly practiced in the Indian society. Some of his preachings are, he said this universe is a playful creation of God. Let us not try it diminish it by denouncing it. He said one should realize his limitation and surrender to the Lord. He wrote commentaries on the Prastana Traya – the Bhagawat Gita, 10 Upanishads and Brahma Sutras and he dedicated his work Gita Bashya to Veda Vyasa.

According to Madhwa philosophy Sri Hari is the Supreme Being, Omniscient and infinite. The individual souls are different from and subservient to the supreme soul. The world is real. There is difference between supreme soul and individual soul, between individual soul and inert matter, between one individual soul and another and between one inertbody and another. The individual souls trapped in the eternal cycle of birth and death can obtain liberation or Moksha by the grace of God. All the Vedas and Shastra’s sing the praise of God.

Primary Diety : Primary Diety : Lord Krishna
Puja Timings:
Date built : 13th Century

History suggests the main statue of Sri Krishna at Dwaraka once got completely covered by gopichandanam.A sailor from Dwaraka loaded this heavy lump in his boat as ballast, in one of his trips along the west coast. The ship was caught in a terrible storm while sailing in the western coast of Malpe and was about to sink.Sri Madhwacharya was noticed by boat captain who was standing across the sea shore.

Due to the severe disaster, boat captain asked him to save the life. As per his request, with the mighty power Madhwacharya stopped the storm. Boat captain was much satisfied and overjoyed. He was ready to offer anything to Madhwacharya. But Madhwacharya wished for only lump of gopichandanam. When he broked it, he found a beautiful idol of Sri Krishna in it. He brought this idol to Udupi and washed the idol in Madhwa Sarovar. Later he consecrated the idol in a temple and began to worship daily.Madhwacharya handed over the Puja and administration of Krishna Mutt to his eight disciples.

Each one set up Monasteries (Mathas) around Krishna Mutt. These are known as Ashta Mathas. The Mathas are Pejavara, Puttige, Palimaru, Adamaru, Sodhe, Kaniyoor, Shirur and Krishnapur. Since then the daily seva and administration are managed by Ashta Mathas. Each one perform temple management activities for 2 years in a cyclical order. During the Paryaya festival, held every 2 years the temple management is handed over to next Mutt. Each Mutt is headed by a Swami, who will be in charge of the temple during his Paryaya.

The Holy shrine of Krishna Mutt is been attracted by lakhs of devotees across the world. The main entrance of the temple is on the southern side. If we come by this way, we see on the right side a tank called ‘Madhwa Pushkarani’. It is fully covered by stone steps and at the centre of this there is Mantapam. At the very outside through one window devotees may take Darshan of Lord Sri Krishna.This window is called ‘Navagraha window’. This window is covered by silver sheet and also 24 different images of God are seen. Opposite to this there is a Theertha Mantapam were every night chamar seva is been held.

To take entry into sanctum sanctorum through one door, we have to move towards north. Here on the left side of the door, there is an idol of Madhwacharya which was consecrated by Sri Vadiraj. In this garbagudi there are two rooms. In one room the idol of Sri Krishna is seen. Number of wick lamps are burning here. It is said that among these, some are lighted by Sri Madhwacharya. In anotherroom daily Tarpana is held by Swamiyaars. Here silver Mantapam with a golden cradle is seen. At the end of the day, Ekantha Seva takes place.There is a Kitchen where naivedya to God is being cooked.

Near to this, there is Simhasan were the idols of paryaya Swamiyaars are kept. This room is significant since the original seat of Madhwacharya is kept here. This seat is used exclusively by Paryaya Swami. Towards the northern side of the temple, there is a dining hall, were Swamiyaars along with the invited guest take meals. At the southern part of the dining hall we see general kitchen. Lord Subramanya Consecrated by Sri Vadiraj Theertha Swami of Sodemutt is seen towards the north of the dining hall. Nearby this Vasantha Pooja Mantapam is seen, which has a specious hall with public lectures, dramas, cultural activities and religious discoursers are held. Since the Sri Krishna Temple at Udupi is a unique one, large number of festivals are being celebrated of which Krishna Janmastami is the major festival along with Paryaya Mahotsava which will be held in January for each two years. Devotees from outside the country come in large numbers to attend this utsava. Presently the Vishwesha Teertha Swami of Pejavara mutt is incharge of the Krishna Mutt.