Uchila Mahalaxmi Temple

About temple

Mahalaxmi Temple at Uchila is the popular Hindu temple in the Udupi District of Karnataka. The temple was built in 1957, to facilitate Mogaveeras who were residing in South Canara and Udupi district as Barkur was not accessible. Sadiya Sawookar purchased around 14 acres of land at Uchila and donated it to Mahajana Sangha. In the memorial of late Sri Sadiya Sawookar was erected in front portion of the temple. Out of 14 acres of donated land, 6 acres were used for building temple complexes. Northern part of the temple consists of a lake adjacent to this there is God Vasuki temple. Southern part a beautiful Vasantha Mantapa is located attracts tourists.

A Dwajastamba was installed in the main entrance of the temple and inner portion of the temple has Thirtha Mantapa. A traditional stone built Sanctum Sanctorum which has innermost part separated and is used for installation of Goddess Mahalaxmi and the outer part of the larger portion is used for performing poojas. Before 2006, Bhadra Kali darshan was taking place in the outer part of Garbagudi. After the renovation of Sanctum Sanctorum in the year 2006, devotees are denied to enter it.

Primary Diety : Goddess Mahalaxmi
Puja Timings:
Date built : 1957

As per Vedic rites, Brahmin priests perform poojas in the temple. Special poojas are being held on all Hindu festival days.