Sri Mahishamardini Temple Neelavara

About temple

The Popular Mahishamardhini temple at Neelavara is at the banks of the River Sita. This is a holy divine place for the devotees worshipping Goddess Mahishamardhini, Lord Ganapathi, Lord Subramanya and Lord Veerabhadra. Alupas, Hoysalas and Vijaya Nagar Empire had religious rituals at this place. This temple is one of the ancient temples in Udupi District that is attracted by the large number of devotees around the world.

History suggests Alupas who ruled here for a longer period had made Udyavar as their capital. During the Vijayanagar rule Neelavara was a hub of culture and religious activities. The inscriptions issued by Veerapandyas in 1258 A.D, signifies a fair amount of revenue was being generated in this village those days. The inscriptions found at the temple premises also indicates the presence of Hoysalas who ruled here in 1333 A.D.

Primary Diety : Mahishamardhini
Puja Timings:
Date built : 10th Century

Based on the historic importance the temple is getting improved with all facilities by the donors and devotees. Considering all the facilities, the Mahishamardhini Temple can still attract more number of devotees based on its historical identity.

Nearby Places and Temples
Apart from the famous Sri Mahishamardhini Temple, there are few other popular temples and places such as Sri Veera Kalkuda Temple, Mani Deva Naga Sanniddhi, Neelavara Goshale and Sri Veerabhadra Temple.

Neelavara Goshale (home for the cows) has been set up through Govardhanagiri Trust(R) of Sri Pejavara Ashokshaja Mutt of Udupi in Neelavara to preserve aged, homeless cows. Right here greater than 1500 cattles including cows, bulls, buffaloes and bullocks are sheltered.

Panchami Kanana

Mani Deva Naga Sanniddhi

Neelavara Goshale