Sri Laxmi Janardhana Temple Kaup

About temple

Sri Laxmi Janardhana Temple in Kaup is the famous temple in Udupi District attracting large number of devotees. This temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu (Lord Janardhana). The temple has over 800 years of history and is considered as one among the oldest temples of Karnataka. The presence of Laxmi in the temple along with Sri Janardhana is of greater significance. It has been believed that Bharghava Rushi installed Sri Janardhana Swami over thousands of years ago to offer pooja with greater devotion.

Later on devotees started to gather around the temple to offer poojas. The ancient temple can be considered as the holy pilgrimage centre for devotees having faith in Lord Janardhana Swami. Laxmi Janardhana Temple is the greatest gift for the citizens residering South Canara and Udupi District. Every year Lord Janardhana Temple ustav will be celebrated with greater celebration for nine days. On the last day of ustav there will be procession, followed by Maha Annasantharpane and religious programs.

Primary Diety : Lord Janardhana
Puja Timings:
Date built : Over 800 Years.

During Car Festival, priests carry the main deity Lord Janardhana Swami over his head towards the decorated car. Later at night devotees pull the car and at the end firework presentation to Lord are being performed. Every year April 23rd and 24th Raashi Pooja will be grandly celebrated. Thousands of devotees from various parts of the country join this Pooja, believing that their wishes will be fulfilled by Lord Janardhana Swami. The presence of Pushkarani makes the temple still more special. The temple is getting improved day by day to still attract more devotees by providing modern facilities in the temple with the help of donors, well wishers and devotees of Janardhana Swami.

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