Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple Bappanadu

About temple

Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple is one of the popular temples of Karnataka. This temple is situated in a small village called Bappanadu, Mulki of Udupi District. The chief deity of this temple is Durga Devi. This holy shrine can be treated as a symbol of communal harmony, since devotees from all faiths offer prayers here. The major attraction of this temple is large musical drum, popularly called as Bappanadu Dolu, which can be found at temple premises.

A Kerala Muslim trader Bappa Byari was the main reason for building this holy shrine. Due to huge flood in the river Shambhavi, the temple was collapsed but the five Lingas and pedestals were not affected. Once Bappa Byari was travelling in the boat along with his goods, but his boat hit the sacred stones. Sri Durga Devi appeared in the dream of Bappa Byari and instructed him to build a temple for the Lingas. Thus this place is named after Bappa. Keeping this in mind, Bappa Byari family is being honoured with the Prasad of Devi when Utsavamurthi is taken out in a grand procession.

Primary Diety : Durga Devi
Puja Timings:
Date built : 14th Century

The five Lingas here are worshipped as Moola Durga, Agni Durga, Jala Durga, Vana Durga and Agra Durga on a single Panipeeta with idol of Durga Devi in front. Muslim devotees are allowed to enter this shrine and take Prasad.