Sri Durga Devi Temple Kunjarugiri

About temple

Sri Durga Devi Temple at Kunjarugiri of Udupi District is one of the popular Hindu temples of Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga Devi. The temple is situated on higher hillock in Kurkaal village. God and Goddess came by Vimana to offer floral tribute when the temple was installed by Lord Parashurama. Hence this temple is reputed as “Vimanagiri”. The high hills, abodes of Durga Devi and Lord Parashurama resemble to Kunjara (Elephant) hence this holy place is also called as “Kunjarugiri”.

The temple is surrounded by lush green groves of hilly serenity. Sri Durga Devi’s idol is in Chaturbuja form. The upper hands of the Sri Durga Devi holds conch and discuss, which indicates the symbol of protection of goodness and the lower hands holding bow and trident indicates the destruction of evil. The demon Mahishasura lies at her feet symbolising the destruction of ego. Due to the historical identity, devotees in large numbers visit this temple. Devotees visiting this place, initially take bath at the holy tanks installed by Lord Parashurama. They believe that their wishes will be fulfilled after visiting this holy place.

Primary Diety : Durga Devi
Puja Timings:
Date built : Not Available.

The very popular ancient Kunjarugiri Temple is surrounded. Devotees, who visit this temple, initially take bath at the four holy tanks installed by Lord Parashurama. Devotees feel spiritual solace and protection from potent after visiting this temple for worship. The divine atmosphere around the shrine, holy Theerthas, Lord Parashurama Temple and Pajaka Mutt, makes it as the most important pilgrimage centre.