Nandikoor Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple

About temple

Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple at Nandikoor is one of the historical temples in the Udupi district. The temple is situated on the banks of the river Nandyoor surrounded by rich greeneries. Jaarandaya and Babhuswamy are parivara deities of this temple and have special bonding with this temple. Raktheshwari and Naga are also the deities at this historic temple. Bhargava Maharshi installed Durga Shakthi at this holy shrine. The temple has historical identity and is grama Devatha for nearby villages such as Adve, Kolachoor, Nandikoor and Ulloor.

The temple has a unique three feet idol of Mahishasura Mardhini sculptured on black granite. The four arms of the idol signify the remembrance of Devi killing Mahishasura with Trishula and Chakra in one hand and Mahishasura idol and conch in the other. Devi is stamping Mahishasura with her left leg describes the beauty of the sculpture. Recently Golden Dwajastambha was offered to the Devi and the temple was renovated to attract more devotees.

Primary Diety : Durga Devi
Puja Timings:
Date built : 1200 years old.