Moodabidre Thousand Piller Temple

About temple

The Thousand Pillar Temple situated at Moodbidri (Jaina Kashi),Mangalore region is few among Popular Temples of India that attracts large number of tourists around the world. This temple was built during 1430 by Vijayanagar ruler Devaraya Wodeyar . The temple has remarkable pillars that are integral part of the temple. This temple is also called as Chandranatha Temple, since it honours Thirtankara Chandraprabha. The temple was constructed over a painstaking period of 31years. More than 9 crores were spent for the construction of this fascinating temple along with the renovation in the year 1962.

The construction of Thousand Pillar Temple was done in phases, in first phase eight foot idol of Thirtankara Chandraprabha. In the Second phase a magnificent prayer hall with innumerable pillars was built. The last phase saw the construction of manasthamba undertaken by Queen Nagala Devi. Even though it is well known temple in Asia, the upper floors are kept secret, only allowing devotees to enter once in a year.

Primary Diety : Chandraprabha
Puja Timings:
Date built : 1430 AD

The temple consists of many mantapas, each one supported by pillars which is a hallmark of long lasting era. Each pillar is unique and have unique figures carved on it. The peaceful and divine nature of the temple attracts more visitors and devotees. The beauty of the basadi was trebled by a row of seven stone mantapas named Bhairadevi, Chitradevi, Namaskara, Thirtankara, Lakshmi, Sukhanasi and Garba Griha Mantapa. The temple is not under state administration and is managed by a Jain Mutt.