Kudupu Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple

About temple

Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple is the popular temple of South Canara District of Karnataka. The temple is situated in Kudupu village which is few kilometres from Mangalore City. The temple is dedicated to Lord Anantha Padmanabha (other form of Lord Vishnu) and is famous for serpent worship.

According to the temple Sthala Purana, once there was a Brahmin Vedic scholar named Kedar who was very orthodox and a religious follower. But he was worried of not having a child. He had in his thoughts that the blessing of the saint is the ultimate solution for his problem and he wandered everywhere in search of one such saint. Finally he met a saint named Shringa Muni near a small river Bhadra Saraswathi Theertha. Saint advised him to stay there and start penance regarding Lord Subramanya for fulfilment of his wishes.

Primary Diety : Lord Anantha Padmanaba
Puja Timings:
Date built : 13th Century

Kedar accepted the saint advice and with deep concentration and devotion started penance regarding Lord Subramanya. He forgotten himself and his surroundings during penance and it continued for many years. Due to the effect of his penance the entire surrounding was immensely heated including heaven. Devatas informed Lord Brahma about the situation. Lord Brahma accompanied with Devatas met Lord Mahavishnu and detailed him about the situation. Lord Mahavishnu promised Lord Brahma and Devatas, that he would inform Lord Subramanya about Kedar meditation.

Lord Mahavishnu asked Lord Subramanya to appear before Kedar and bless him with a child. Lord Subramanya blessed Kedar with children. Kedar was so happy and he settled near Bhadra Theertha River meditating and worshipping Lord Subramanya.

As years passed, Kedar’s wife became pregnant and couples where very happy expecting a child. But after nine months Kedar’s wife delivered three eggs which were similar to serpent eggs. Devatas were very happy, they thought these eggs are incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Subramanya and Lord Mahashesha. But Kedar was not happy, he thought it was fate and a result of past action. At that moment he heard a divine voice saying these eggs are incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Subramanya and Lord Mahashesha and voice advised him to erect these eggs secretly where he did penance regarding Lord Subramanya and meditate Lord Anantha Padmanabha(other form of Lord Mahavishnu)to attain salvation. Kedar was so happy and he did similar that he was advised by the divine voice and spent his rest of the life meditating Lord Anantha Padmanabha.