Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple

About temple

Kadri Shri Manjunatha Temple is one of the popular temples of Karnataka. The Chief deity of this temple is Manjunatha. Yogi Mata which is situated towards east of the temple and caves which are situated on the hilltop, attracts various tourists. At the northern part of the temple there are seven ponds consisting of holy water. At the north-east area holy water flows out of a small tunnel, designed as cow’s head. This holy water is said to be flowing from Holy Kashi.

As history suggests, after donating everything to Brahmans, Parashurama started meditating in order to please Lord Shiva. Being pleased by the meditation, Lord Shiva appeared before Parashurama and asked him to offer his prayers at Rasakoopa, which is in Suvarna Kadali Vana. But at that moment, Suvarna Kadali Vana was deeply immersed in ocean. Parashurama with his divine powers brought it out of ocean and started worshipping at Rasakoopa for a long period. At last Thrimurthies combined their divine powers and took avatar of Shri Manjunatha in order to fulfill Parashurama’s desire.

Primary Diety : Lord Manjunatha
Puja Timings:
Date built : 11th Century

Mathsyendranatha an incarnation of Lord Shiva came to Suvarna Kadali Vana while returning from Sathi Rajya along with the queen Mangala, an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi and his favourite disciple Gokrakshanatha. Mathsyendranatha had already decided to establish Shiva Lingam in Suvarna Kadali Vana. He ordered his disciple to go to Kashi in order to bring Shiva Lingam.

Gokrakshanatha failed to bring Shiva Lingam within specific time. So Mathsyendranatha started meditating, as a fruit of his meditation Shiva Lingam emerged at Suvarna Kadali Vana. The Shiva Lingam which was brought by Gokrakshanatha was kept near holy water. After a long period of time deity Annappa Daiva took Shiva Lingam to Dharmasthala. It was established there by Vadirajaswami. Hence Kadri is an important temple for Dharmasthala.