Hiriadka Veerabhadra Temple

About temple

Hiriadka is a small town of Udupi with beautiful temples and Shrines. The name Hiriadka resembles a big religious destination. Sri Veerabhadra Temple in Hiriadka is a famous hindu temple in udupi district. Visitors and devotees from both udupi and south canara district are attracted towards this popular fair.

This popular shrine is dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra, Brahma and Siri Daivas. Annual siri festival is celebrated in a grand fashion. Devotees having faith in Lord Veerabhadra, Brahma and Siri Daivas visit the shrine and get blessed . The innermost part of the temple is golden plated along with a large dwajastamba. The temple is recent years got renovated and is another part of the religious hub of Udupi District.

Primary Diety : Lord Veerabhadra
Puja Timings:
Date built : Details Not Available.