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Welcome to Templetours!

Templetours provides rich source of information about the popular temples in and around coastal karnataka along with their historical significance, culture, tradition and festivals. Typically booking a seva in any of the popular temple means sweating it out and waiting in long queues. Maximum time of your piligrimage is spent in standing in queues for taking tickets for a Seva/Puja that you would like to perform. Templetour simplifies this process for you making your whole piligrimage experience more peaceful. We do the mounding jobs of standing in queues and booking tickets for you. You book a puja from our site, specify the date and other details, we will book the tickets and deliver it to you. Please read through our FAQs for answers to some of the common questions. In case you have any other questions for us please send us an enquiry. You can also email your questions to bookmyseva@gmail.com.